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-won't be the only way you're looking at me then-

27 September
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Fifty fun facts about sessie0927:
1. my favorite book is the perks of being a wallflower
2. i am oldest child (with a younger brother)
3. i went to an all-girls school for 4 years of high school
4. i am second-year msu student
5. i am majoring in special education - learning disabilities/ primary education- language arts.
6. i am active member of the beta gamma chapter of alpha omicron pi
7. i am lover of shakespeare
8. i'm allergic to ice cream
9. i am one flip wonder in flippy cup
10. i drive a 98 saturn 4-door
11. i am dean's list student
12. i love of classic rock.
13. my favorite hobby is photography
14. i work 3 jobs during the summer
15. dashboard confessional is one of my favorite artists
16. i am a scategories champion
17. my political views are extremely leftist.
18. i am 25% belgian, and proud of it
19. i was peppermint patty in my brother school's production of you're a good man, charlie brown
20. my favorite movie of all time = disney's beauty and the beast
21. i am member of michigan's democratic party
22. i am active member of the catholic church
23. i know all the words to rocky horror picture show
24. i am deeply in love with Sigur Ros
25. sparty is my lover
26. during the school year, i party every weekend
27. i used to want to become a nun
28. i have been best friends with my best friend since i was three
29. i dont wear headphones to class because i have urges to sing at the top of my lungs
30. i still love hanson
31. i dont own perfume
32. i love peanut brittle.
33. i make kickbutt meatloaf.
34. skirts are my preferred type of bottoms
35. i love joe natoli.
36. tall guys make me smile.
37. my lj is based on dashboard confessional songs and lyrics.
38. i have never been in a fistfight
39. i love to sleep.
40. im not really sure if i believe that love exists.
41. i tend to quote movies and song lyrics when i talk
42. i have never failed a class.
43. i love wearing flip flops
44. lauging makes my day better.
45. i bruise easily.
46. my family is crazy.
47. i am a neat freak deep down
48. i love fruits and vegetables.
49. organization makes me happy.
50. sessie0927 = my nickname + my birthday.